Steps to creating your Original Design

           1.  Click on “Request Design” and send in the form

           2.  We will contact you to discuss details

           3.  We review your music and assess body style

           4.  We send you several sketches to select from

           5.  We send you a color  drawing of your choice

           6.  You confirm the  drawing of your design.

           7.  We send a quote with final details for your approval



Original Designs Request Design

We will invoice your for the $75.00 design fee before drawings are sent.  You will receive a credit of $30 back towards your dress when  it is ordered.

When you approve the invoice payment can then be made by email transfer,  credit card over the phone or by PayPal

Please allow six weeks to have your dress made, design decisions, choice of materials and decoration take time.  

W rld Figure Skate Wear

 since 1992