How Long Will It Take to Get My Dress?

Catalog dresses ship in 2-3 days, if they are custom ordered with size, fabric or decoration changes it will take approximately 2 weeks.

Imagine dresses ship in 2 - 4 weeks,  acquiring requested fabric and decoration supplies determines the time line.

Podium dresses should be ordered 6 weeks in advance.   This gives time for you to decide on the various design drawings, fabric and decoration options.  We then source the supplies, possible need to order some items before creating your dress.

What If My Custom Dress Doesn’t Fit Well

This rarely happens however if this should  we will make all the necessary changes with no charge to you.  If we have been given the wrong measurements then some of the responsibility lies with you, there may be extra costs.  Please check our Size Info page for correct measuring instructions.

What Do I do If a Crystal Comes Off?

It is possible for a crystal to come off your dress with wear, we provide you with some replacement  crystals when your dress is shipped.  The glue we recommend is Gem-Tac to attach crystals.

We recommend that you roll your dress top down before pulling it on, then carefully unrolled it up over the shoulders. This prevents the decoration from the stress being pulled against the body which can loosen decoration.

How Do I Clean My Dress?

Your dress is washable.  Hand Wash your dress in cool water with a little mild detergent. After rinsing lay flat on a towel and roll up to squeeze out water.  Hang your dress up to finish drying.

If your dress has a silk chiffon skirt it will not shrink as it has been pre washed.  The silk skirt may look shriveled but just needs to be ironed to return to it’s size and texture.

Do not dry clean your dress, this process damages the stones and applique.

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